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Time Travel Tondekema (たいむとらぶる トンデケマン!, Taimu Toraburu Tondekeman) is a Japanese anime series directed by Kunihiko Yuyama and Akira Sugino. It was written by Junki Takegami and produced by Animax network president Masao Takiyama. It was originally broadcast by Fuji TV in Japan between October 19, 1989 and August 16, 1990.

It was dubbed in the Philippines as Time Quest in 1994 on IBC. It was reaired on ABC (now The 5 Network) in 2000 and GMA Network in 2015.


Soccer boy, Hayato, and his musician girlfriend Yumi, went to visit Dr. Leonard's lab and accidentally activated the Tondekeman, a funny talking kettle who time-traveled them to Baghdad many centuries in the past.

Hayato and Yumi get separated from Tondekeman, until they meet Aladdin, Prince Dandarn and Princess Shalala. They also meet the cunning Abdullah who is always ready to kidnap the princess so that he could marry the princess to his master.

Our heroes get to go to different places and times and meet several historical and literary figures as they follow Abdullah as he escapes through time to abduct the princess.

Hayato and Yumi are stuck in the past until they get Tondekeman from the possession of Abdullah.

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