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Toei Animation (東映アニメーション株式会社)
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Toei Animation Co., Ltd. (東映アニメーション株式会社, Tōei Animēshon Kabushiki-gaisha) is a Japanese animation studio owned by Toei Co., Ltd. (which also does live action Tokusatsu and media distribution) The studio was founded in 1948 as Japan Animated Films (日本動画映画, Nihon Dōga Eiga, often shortened to 日動映画 Nichidō Eiga). In 1956, Toei purchased the studio and it was reincorporated under its current name. Over the years, the studio has created a large number of TV series, movies, and adapted many Japanese comics by renowned authors to animated series, many popular worldwide. Their logo is the characters Puss in Boots, taken from their movie adaption of the fairy tale.

Works Edit

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  • One Piece (TV)
  • Hols Prince of the Sun (Movie)
  • Mazinger Z (TV)
  • Babel II (TV)
  • Getter Robo (TV)
  • Fist of the North Star (TV)
  • Transformers Zone (OVA)

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