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Tokio Private Police (TOKIO機動ポリス, Tokio Kidō Police) is an hentai anime OVA series.


In the future, Tokyo is no longer the capital of Japan, that honor returned to the ancient city of Kyoto. Although still a principle trading center, much of the city – especially the once-fashionable Ginza district – has fallen into such a great morass of crime, the regular police is overwhelmed from all the extra work. As a result, many of the well-to-do citizens of the city often contract private security firms for their own protection. These firms are also deputized by the Tokyo police to aid them whenever a major situation develops.

Noriko Ibuki is employed with the Tokio Private Police, one of these private security firms, and in the opening is stationed in Ginza, which is now a crime-ridden slum. Years before, she was a high school student whose first sexual encounter went wrong; her boyfriend was very rough on her, and what resulted was close to rape. As a result, she doesn’t like to indulge in sex. In the face of a normal day, Noriko’s tomboyish looks (short hair and a small bustline) often get her mistaken for a man, which irritates her greatly.

But one night, while Noriko was in the process of foiling the rape of a female passenger of the subway by three thugs, she is aided by Shibata, the manager of the Shinjuku office of the T.P.P., and as a result, she ends up being reassigned by Shibata to Shinjuku to be part of the new mobile strike team he set up. Of course, he had romantic interest in mind as well (even though Shibata had a girlfriend).

But when Noriko arrives in Shinjuku, she is alarmed to find some of her teammates are real oddballs. One guy, Yasuo Kawasaki, is a total mecha fanatic who has the least interest in girls – just mecha. Isamu Oyama mistakes her for a man (as usual) and even makes the suggestion that Noriko is actually a futanari... for which he gets slapped by her. And to top it all off, her partner Kayoko Kuraishi happens to be a nymphomaniac with a somewhat enlightened idea about sex. As for her superior, Keiko Yamasami also happens to be the girlfriend/lover of Shibata and is blissfully unaware about his interest in Noriko.

Even though her first day went bad, Noriko soon finds that in order to get through a day filled with budget cuts and long days, she’s going to have to find some way to relieve stress. Eventually, Kayoko helps Noriko get over her sexual hang-ups.

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