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The Special Duty Combat Unit Shinesman (特務戦隊シャインズマン, Tokumu Sentai Shainzuman) is a Japanese manga created by Kaimu Tachibana and Hideki Sonoda. A 2-episode OVA was released in Japan on February 21, 1996.


Hiroya Matsumoto hopes to become a great employee of Raito Trading Company like his late father. Little does he know that he has been recruited for a very mysterious department within the company - the Special Duty Combat Unit, known as SHINESMAN. Their purpose, to fight the terrible (often times hilarious) alien forces that threaten the earth.

Like most corporate employees, Matsumoto still has meetings to attend and deadlines to meet. But when the Shinesman rage war against the alien race from Planet Voice, led by their Prince Sasaki, Matsumoto and his co-workers don their office-colored combat Pro-suits and become: Shinesman Red, Sepia, Salmon Pink, Grey, and Moss Green.

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