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Tsugumi Ohba

Tsugumi Ohba (大場 つぐみ, Ōba Tsugumi)
Birthplace Tokyo, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Writer

Tsugumi Ohba (大場 つぐみ, Ōba Tsugumi, born in Tokyo, Japan) is a writer best known for the manga Death Note. His/her real identity is a closely guarded secret. As stated by the profile placed at the beginning of each Death Note manga volume, Ohba collects teacups and develops manga plots while holding his knees on a chair, similar to a habit of L, one of the main characters of the series.

There is speculation that Tsugumi Ohba is a pen name of Hiroshi Gamō. Pointing out that in Bakuman the main character's uncle was a one-hit wonder manga artist who worked on a gag super-hero manga, very similar to Gamō and Tottemo! Luckyman in all aspects. Also that the storyboards drawn by Ohba greatly resemble Tottemo! Luckyman in style.


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