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Tsukipro (「ツキプロ」) or TsukiPro, also known as Tsukinopro (「ツキノプロ」), is a multi-media music series centered around the fictitious entertainment agency called Tsukino Talent Production (ツキノ芸能プロダクション). In 2012, it started with a CD series called Tsukiuta. The first anime was Tsukiuta. THE ANIMATION released in mid 2016. It was followed by TsukiPro the Animation released in fall 2017. After the Tsukiuta. CD series there have been several others: ALIVE series (2015), SQ series (2015), Twin Wizards Rico and Guri (2016), Theatrical company Altair (Tsukicro, 2016), VAZZROCK series (2018), and infinit0 (2019).


Tsukino Talent Productions is home to two up-and-coming idol units named Six Gravity and Procellarum. The units all live together in the same dormitory and try to juggle their budding careers and daily lives. At their joint handshake event, unit leaders Hajime Mutsuki and Shun Shimotsuki announce the "Full Moon Festival"—a collaboration concert in a few months. Excited about the upcoming event, these 12 male idols must learn to collaborate with each other in order to pull it off successfully.

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