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Fisherman Sanpei (釣りキチ三平, Tsurikichi Sanpei) is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Takao Yaguchi. The manga is serialized in Kodansha's Weekly Shōnen Magazine from 1973 to 1983, completing up to 57 tankobon volumes. An anime adaptation by Nippon Animation was broadcasted on Fuji TV from April 7, 1980 to July 28, 1982 for 109 episodes.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Mihira Sanpei is a cheerful, optimistic boy with a natured gift for fishing,. The village where he lives in is a natural environment which provides different kinds of fishing challenges. Despite his lack of experience, Sanpei has a first-rate sense with regards to fishing and decides to maximize his potential by entering into different fishing contests and other various challenges. Along the way, he encounters all kinds of rivals and companions who increase his experience and help him in his growth.

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