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About meEdit

I'm working on becoming a video game designer :D so I'm taking classes in Computer Science, possibly Computer Engineering later on too. I like drawing, even though I'm not the best at it, but I love graphic design and 3D programs--which brings up me also taking classes to further my education (and hopefully degree) in graphic design :D

I like smilies and games that are sometimes designed out of the norm (Ookami is one them, because the game looks like it was painted by a brush). I do love fighting and shooting games, which brings up my fascination with things like God of War, Uncharted, Bioshock, and Infamous (maybe more to come later :o).

I'm a Sony girl at heart, but I do like Xbox games. Overall, I consider myself an average gamer (if there is one?), and a lover of games.

I started watching anime as a little girl and had a fascination with Japan (for some odd reason) for a while. Not too long ago I got the chance to go to Japan and take classes, but I missed it >.>

I now have a 1930s kimono, and a child kimono (from my wee lil' years), both made in Japan, only one of which.. I know how to put on (darn obis!)

I like to dabble in a lot of things, and have recently (only on convention times), started sewing. I like sewing, it's fun, and I've made three costumes, one of which I'm most proud of.

I'm a native English speaker, but that won't stop me from learning new things c:

I will be learning Cambodian (currently learning), Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin), Laos, and possibly Thai. Maybe more (more than likely more, like Russian and French and German, oh my!)
I have enjoyed watching a lot of Korean films.
I want to travel the world--or at least some parts of it <.<;;

I enjoy singing songs I don't understand the lyrics to without a translation and occasional DDR (which I'm not very good at, btw).

Overall, I have big dreams and big expectations and lots of things I want to do and sometimes little time to do them in.

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