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Hello, Everybody! The name is Whiteknight810210, a dedicated animation fanatic of the ACG world. It's a personal actuality education of learning other worlds through a multiversal perspective that connects to all worlds through the omnipotent macroverse of the human mind.


Name Main ACG Genre Rank Status
Seikoku no Dragnar Wiki Novel Founder
Brave Saga Wiki Anime Founder
Da Capo Wiki Visual Novel Admin (as of 7/25/2019)
Danball Senki Wiki Hobby/Game Admin Adopted as of
The Atelier Series Wiki Game Admin
The Megaman Database ACG
Valkyria Chronicles Wiki Game
Hundred Wiki Novel Admin (3/28/2019)
Blue Dragon Wiki Game Admin
Rave Master Wiki Manga Admin (4/3/2019)
Onmyou Taisenki Wiki ACG Founder
Area no Kishi Wiki Manga Admin
Kimi no Iru Machi Wiki Manga Admin Under New Project
Major Wiki Manga Admin
Hexyz Force Wiki Game Admin (Adopted as of)
Adachipedia Manga Admin (Adopted as of)
YU-NO Wiki Visual Novel Admin (Adopted as of)
YAT Galaxy Tours Wiki Anime Founder
Milky Holmes Wiki Media Admin (Adopted as of 6/8/2019)
Photo Kano Wiki Game Founder
Hundred Wiki Light Novel Admin (as of)
Future GPX Cyber Formula Wiki Anime Founder
Samurai Pizza Cats Wiki Anime Admin (Adopted as of 7/27/2018)
Variable Geo Game Admin (Adopted as of )
Aquarion Game Admin (as of 12/3/2019)
Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu Light Novel Admin (as of 1/28/2020)
Harukana Receive Manga Admin (as of 7/4/2020)

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Projects under Planning[]

All project under this heading and under planning and construction, but they are all voluntary to all contributors. Please assist the following projects as much as possible. I shall renew the urls soon enough.

New Fandom From Current Fandom Reason
Adachipedia Mitsuru Adachi's Touch: Manga, Anime & Live Wiki Better clarified and dignified if all series under the same author come together.
Seo Kouji Wiki Kimi no Iru Machi Wiki Since most of his works all connect in the same universe.
Monster Strike Anime Monster Strike Wiki (Duplicate) Official game wiki exists, Recycling duplicate for other miscellaneous info such as the ONA anime.
Puzzle and Dragons Anime Official game wiki exists, Recycling duplicate for other miscellaneous info such as the anime.

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