Recently I have made a Secret Organization chat, which you can look at through the link I will provide. What I want people to understand is, is that there is a shade covering each and everyone of ours eyes. And that shade prevents us from seeing certain things that we use to know was there.

This Secret Organization is to help one another and to talk about serious or slightly non-serious matters.

The chat is meant to be like a Durarara type method that will enable us to talk with one another using code names, if need be. I will continue blogging since it seems like a good idea to let you know about certain things going on.

You may ask yourself, "Why would I, want to join some random persons chat? It seems dumb none the less". Well, I'm here to provide only the simplest of answers I can muster, and the answer is, because you're a human and you are curious. Curiosity leads to questions and that's why my Organization is all about. So if you are with me, join the link I will provide or just follow me on Wiki.

Organization Chat Link:

Jujutsu Kaisen