Wikia and the Masters of Animanga are headed to New York Comic Con! Can't make it this year? Don't sweat it. Just leave a comment with your questions for the Masters!

We're hosting TWO panels with the anime and manga legends who inspired our recent Masters of Animanga collaborative writing projects: Kazuo Koike (Crying Freeman, Lone Wolf and Cub), Takashi Okazaki (Afro Samurai), Shin-ichi Hiromoto (Hells Angels), Hiro Ikegami (Space Battleship Yamato 2199), and Masao Maruyama (Trigun, Ninja Scroll, Studio Madhouse).


We'll be talking to them about their legendary careers, industry experience, tips for aspiring artists, future projects, their involvement with the Masters of Animanga collaborative writing project, and more!

More on all of our NYCC Wikia [LIVE] events can be found here: Wikia LIVE at NYCC

LEAVE YOUR QUESTIONS FOR THE MASTERS IN THE COMMENTS -- we'll choose the best ones. And don't forget to specify who your question is for!

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