God Eater Episode One Review

God Eater

I was far from impressed by the first episode of God Eater, for a few overt reasons. The plot was recycled from the most overused story lines in Japanese television. Giant monsters come out of nowhere and threaten humanity's existence, and can only be stopped by a chosen few who wield over-sized swords and laser guns. The chosen ones just happen to be teenage bad asses who wield their reprocessed personalities and generic appearances as well as their weaponry. The female characters are essentially just sexual objects, predictably, but it is the pseudo-3D animations that are pretty much what close the curtains for me. There are a few salvageable parts that succeed in grabbing my interest, but I was overall disappointed.

I probably don't need to tell you that there are spoilers ahead, considering that I am already doing a fine job of keeping you away from the show. But, if you do still want to take a look for yourself, don't let me ruin it for you.

During the beginning, a part that did get my attention, you see the protagonist in a sand-stormed city hiding from a massive beast. If he were to stay in that predicament for a while, I would have liked it more, but the creators wasted no time putting him in the shoes of a hero with powers unlike any other, and any hopes of getting to see him struggling against the odds were pretty much shattered. They make a few attempts at making it seem like a perilous situation, by putting a lot of monsters in one place and killing a newly introduced character that had no real potential anyways, but these were in vain. I doubt that future episodes will risk offing any of the main cast, but this IS just an educated guess, so take it with a grain of salt.

I don't know why, but the animations really get to me. I have a problem with 3D anime but God Eater doesn't even make a point of embracing it, which comes off looking noticeably weird in my opinion. This may be a bit biased, judging by my tastes, and I am sure some may like it more than what we are used to seeing, so maybe judge this portion yourself.

I don't have a problem with overused plots, believe me. If the makers of a show can take a recycled concept like giant monsters and epic heroes and make it seem brilliant, I will give it due credit, but unfortunately, they don't. Their story is dry, unoriginal and, for future reference, anime makers, I don't like like unrealistically huge swords. Sorry to break it to you.

Not everything is bad about God Eater, and it really is a show that deserves at least a glance before you mark it off your list, but personally, watching it felt more like a chore than a means of relaxation. Thanks for reading and I hope you come again for the next review. If you have an opinion on the show you want to share, you are more than welcome to offer it in the comments. See you. *tips fedora*

ANIMATIONS: 7/10 - The makers never seemed to truly devote themselves to their style, staying on the fence as if it was some sort of compromise between the creators. It doesn't destroy the show but certainly doesn't help it.

CHARACTERS: 6/10 - The personalities in the show were hackneyed and unoriginal, and their character designs were pedestrian and forgettable.

STORY: 6/10 - I like giant monsters. We all like giant monsters. Sadly, however, God Eater does nothing new with the concept, and even goes as far as to mix it with multiple other tired and imitative ideas like over-powered heroes and giant RPG-style weaponry.

FINAL RATING: 6/10 - It doesn't seem like a show set on what it wants to accomplish and features no revolutionary ideas. If I could go back in time, I would probably not waste the energy I spent viewing this.