Log Horizon Episode One Review

Log Horizon

So, at this point, I realize that I should stop watching half a damn series when I am supposed to be reviewing its pilot. Indeed, I am falling into a pattern. That might be a good sign. Yes. I 'enjoy' these shows in question. Log horizon is certainly no exception. I did find plenty of entertainment in it, despite the fact that its plot is basically Sword Art Online's with less risk. I was thoroughly captivated by the graphics, and while its characters haven't brought down any walls and ushered in a new millennium (did you know there were two 'N's in 'millennium'? I didn't.) they were enough to not make me violently punch a wall. Huzzah.

Now to the fun part, where I can ruin it for everybody. Just kidding of course, but there are a few spoilers inbound. As far as the animations go, great job! The characters are not super freaking revolutionary, but they don't suck, and the story is good enough to keep me interested for long periods of time, even if Sword Art Online did beat them to the punch (did I mention that already?).

The animations were cool. Nine out of ten: would appreciate. There was enough detail to make it seem alive and I found myself enjoying the scenery more often than not. That is about all there is to say? Question mark?

The characters weren't exactly mind-blowingly realistic. All you need to know: the guy in the big metal armor is a perv, the assassin chick doesn't like him very much, the main character might as well be useless in combat, because he's a strategist and no one needs a goddamn strategist, and the cat-guy, who isn't introduced quite yet, is awesome. Awesome to the max. More could be done on a few fronts, but they do their job well.

Now for the fun part: the story. The characters are trapped in a video game world of fantasy monsters, places, and races. The show wastes no time revealing this, and there was a lot less actual reaction than there was just plain confusion. They are learning a bunch of new things about what used to be just frames on a computer monitor, and the world alongside evil players offers them many challenges to overcome. Maybe it's true that their plot isn't exactly original. But I can offer them plenty of credit for at least keeping my attention.

I was satisfied with this anime. If you are looking for something to keep you busy then don't skip out on this. It could've been a lot worse, yet it came out rather enjoyable. If you hate this review and want to make sure I know it, or if you have a few opinions of your own, share in the comments. I'd love to hear from you. If you did enjoy this review, please pass it on. I am not stopping here. So, thanks for your time. I hope to see you for my next review. *tips fedora*

ANIMATIONS: 9/10 - I was impressed with the detail and realism of the graphics. They make a point to bring life to the scenery, you can tell. It did more than just serve its purpose but a little less than construct a wholly believable universe.

CHARACTERS: 8/10 - Their personalities were a bit dry and generic (I say that a lot), but they did a good job of keeping me watching. I wasn't amazed, but I wasn't disappointed either.

STORY: 8/10 - The plot wasn't new to me, and Sword Art Online unfortunately beat them to the punch, but they brought enough new ideas to the fold to keep you from scrolling 9gag and checking emails on your phone.

FINAL RATING: 8/10 - I'm glad I stumbled across this. It may not be as legendary as some, but I was entertained. If you aren't too picky, and are willing to watch a little less than the best of the best, sit down, tune in, shut up, and enjoy.