Name: Subject 0 AKA: Rei, his name means Zero in Japanese. This is an reference to the fact that of his 9 other artificially made brothers he was an prototype. This is because although he is 1 of 10 siblings he does not count as the first sibling as he was an prototype, which precedes the completed project. Thus he and his siblings are actually numbered Subjects 0-9.

Appearance: He has black messy hair with golden irises. An thinish body type, with muscle tone underneath.
He wears an Black Trench Coat, and Shirt with an Chain wrapped around his chest starting from his right shoulder going down to his left side making the circle around between his waist and left thigh, around his back and to his right shoulder again. Black Skinny Jeans with an Pocket Chain on the Left Leg Pocket.

Age: 17 Years Old.

Species: Artificially Made Human, cells and dna artificially designed and mixed with other species, Bionic human (not cyborg but has bionic chips implanted into his brain), Quincy, Fullbringer, Hollow, Shinigami, Fishman: Type: Blue Ringed Octopus (However aside from venom secretion at will, and stickyish hands, and ability to change color+standard water breathing he doesn't have much other traits.), Jinchuriki (Not a host but dna taken from the beasts and breed into human form), has the DNA of every animal on earth including abilities unique to certain species (Oddly enough he has only these and virtually none of their appearances) Has DNA from all the Straw hats, Dracule Mihawk, Flower Vista, Kin'emon, Kanjuro, Shanks, Shiliew, Van Augur, Yasopp, All of CP9, Garp, Sasuke, Naruto, Tonrei, Obito and Madara (Post revival), somehow even Momoshiki and Kinishi in their fused form, Ichigo, Chad, Byuakuya, Bazz B, Uryu, Candice Catnip, Jerome Guizbatt, Aizen, Gin, Kiskuen, AND finally The Espada #4, 1, 5, 6.

Personality and Traits: A strong willed individual, an classic mix of calm/stoic and arrogance, but his arrogance does not extend to the point of reckless behavior, very rarely would this happen. This is largely in part because of his analytic nature, he normally easily notes very small things that most wouldn't. The "arrogance" part of his personality comes from that his 9 other brothers would pick on him for being a prototype. considering that a prototype has flaws that the finished "product" wouldn't, meanwhile his "fathers" (Really World Government top dogs) would tell him that he is better than them, and that he was destined for greatness, and at some point he was revealed to the fact that in truth THEY actually came before him and Rei is the true final product with his brothers being the real prototypes. They resent Rei for it and it is why they pick on him. This has caused an unstable persona in Rei, he has an desire to be better than anyone and be unstoppable, and prove to both his brothers and fathers that he is better than anyone else. When he failed to kill Luffy, Naruto, and Ichigo as per ordered he suffered an mental breakdown, and his fathers disowned him in the worst possible way, taking back their kind words and revealing his fathers true natures. Referencing him as worthless garbage that had spent precious on only for him to be nothing but a failure, brutally beating him and slashing his neck at one point in an attempt to exterminate the project. Ultimately shattering his mind temporarily and going into an rage. Personality wise is is a bit literal minded having not much of an social life being artificial. He is respectful even to his enemies and more or less only attacking on orders, and only trying to Kill the m3 protagonists to prove himself and not fail the orders given. He tends to get annoyed easy over simple things especially when they have little logic to them, mostly due to an lack of understanding, intelligence he has, understanding he does not. he is a bit of an blood knight and enjoy's fighting a lot, especially considering whose DNA he has built into him. In battle while mocking will not hesitate to kill, when the opponent is down instead of gloating he will immediately charge, and try and kill them being more genre savvy than most people and knowing better than that. he is also an master at mind games, being highly perspective of what people will do and constantly countering and catching them off guard with plots to mess with their heads, even having plans under plans UNDER those plans just to mind screw people. Perhaps the scariest aspect of his personality is that he often talks to people who seemingly aren't there, but this is false whom he is actually talking to exists and those people are US, the VIEWERS, in other words he is completely aware that is is an manga character, in fact a lot of what I am typing is coming from him telling me the information to type.

Abilities And Powers: Artificial human has incredible array of powers. His physical abilities have been altered and honed to ridiculous levels. From his cells and physiology alone he had enough strength to smash/flatten an 60 km wide island 50 km underground as an 1 year old baby when he first tried standing up, fell forward and caught himself with 1 hand. As it stands now his physical strength in base mode alone is enough to turn an 1200 km wide country into molecular dust and make an crater out of it 45 km deep with an single punch He is the ultimate fighter having the fighting styles in all 3 of the HST recorded into his mind thousands of times throughout his childhood, he especially prefers to attack the pressure points and disable people to make them easier to kill. He posses an unique combination of the Sharringan, Tesaigann, Byakugan, Rinnegan, and Mihawks hyper perspective eyes, holding the shown abilities at once. The eyes have an golden iris due to the combination. He can use and special version of Sage Mode having collected Chakra remnant from Naruto, the WG was capable of ammasing at least 25% of Naruto's SO6P Senju Chakra which amplifies his abilities by 5 times that of normal sage mode (10 times), Bijuu mode powers , and Tesaigan chakra mode, and Susanoo powers. However On an much lesser scale. Although he has that chakra he doesn't have the Juubi powers (though tesagain grants TSB anyways) this is because the Bijuu chakras are only mixed into his body, not molded and fused into one like the Juubi husk. Rei also has every technique shown by Naruto and Sasuke. Including an Chidori Ransenshuriken. He can also use the rasengan in tandem with fire, electricity, and win to generate and plasma rasengan, ramming the target with an spinning ball of plasma that both shreds and burns the target. He is also has his own Chakra Cloak made of wind that increases his speed and strength, an single punch can blow an target away and shred them with razor wind blades. he also has an personalized version of the susanoo that concentrates and makes the original susanoo much smaller to around his body size. because it is condensed and concentrated the protection it provides is much greater than an normal sized susanoo. When Rei combines his chakra cloaks into one it as the appearance of 6 swirling pink tornado's surrounding his torso, arms, legs, and head. This multipliers Rei's strength by an estimated 1000x his base strength.

Rei can use all the powers of an hollow and tear open holes in dimensions for travel, he has an incredible heirro that has hardened his skin to levels comparable to carbon nanotubes. He can fire an cero from his nose so incredibly powerful it blasted an hole through the air and into Blueno's air dimension. His bala while weaker is at least capable of cracking dimensional walls. He also has high speed regeneration like an hollow, capable of regenerating everything except for his brain and organs (however he can regenerate organs as long as they aren't completely destroyed (the brain not withstanding). He has no resurrection instead it has fused with his Zanpakuto. Being an quincy he can absorb spirit energy and use it for his own. He can use Vollstandig,in addition to an standard increase in overall quincy powers, he also gains an triple centupled physical stat increase. He has the powers of Bazz B, Candice Catnip, and Jerome, Guizbatt and His spirit weapon fuses itself to his Zanpakuto which is made of black blooded steel, an rare kind of steel made from regular black steel which on it's own is 1000 times stronger than normal steel. When blood is added to it while molten (which can only occurs twice and then it can never be molten again). It turns out that black steel is actually an frozen alien symbiote drained entirely of it's blood, this causes it to revert to an solid state, and only accepts blood in the molten state. When blood is given it's durability increases by 1000 times that of black steel, in addition the symbiotic metal has the power to generate dark matter and energy at will. It will protect the one who gave it blood and shapeshift into anything possible to suit Reis needs, as by sharing blood Rei formed an connection on every possible level with the being, it can even extend at high speeds to the diameter of Uranus. The being was also forged into an Zanpakuto spirit, the Shikai allows for light generation using it to blind and generate visual illusions with it. The bankai allows for the blade itself to turn into light, this makes the extension and transformation abilities of the blade do so at lightspeed, it also lets Rei not just generate light but manipulate it, firing an sword beam slash made of light. Shoot out lasers from the blade of pure light, generate light balls, and the generate an light aura that burns at the temperature of the surface of the sun itself. However the resurrection aspect fused the darkness based abilities with his light abilities allowing for twilight manipulation. This allows Rei to cut through dimensions and slash his opponent from afar with the actual blade in addition to twilight darkness manipulation. Rei can also make the sword phase into between dimensions and cause people to forget it is there making them easier to slash. When he infuses his sword with twilight it is so powerful that it split an Uranus sized planet in half with the split being as wide as 100 km. Since it manipulate dark matter, energy and darkness on average, the sword being can pull objects to it via generating high amounts of dark matter, or repel them by generating dark energy.

He is an rarity with powers for the OP verse, he has such an strong will that of all the people in the OP verse he is the only one who ate 2 devil fruits and lived (Blackbeard doesn't count as he was stated to have an special/weird body style that allowed him to do so) The first was an devil fruit known as bloody knuckles which allows for manipulation of blood and bones. He has used it to manipulate blood flow to accelerate his heartbeat by quadruple it's normal rate, quadrupling his strength and multiplying his speed by 16 (His strength and speed are quadrupled but his heartrate also quadruples which would negative quadruple his perspective of time, thus 4x4 is 16 times speed increase, 4x from the strength increase, and 4x that from the perspective slow down.) He can form bone armor, and often covers his blade with blood infused with blue ring venom to make it deadlier. He has awakened this power. His secondary devil fruit power is the cold cold fruit an devil fruit that lets the user manipulate cold similar to Aokijis fruit. One of his strongest attacks involves freezing the air in the shape of an giant island sized moon around 50 km in diameter and slamming it down the opponent,and turning everything into ice within an circular area 200 km in radius. His cold is normally -100^C but when awakened it drops to Absolute Zero, in this stage it can freeze anything to a very small extent this goes to concepts as well, if Rei isn't careful he can even freeze himself as not even the protection this fruit provides can hold it's own against absolute Z.E.R.O. Having mastered all forms of Martial arts he can also use the 6 powers including rokyougan. He can use haki, which gives his skin tensile strength 260000 (Note the reason for having such an high level of haki is his ridiculous willpower, which in turn affects the strength of armament haki) which is twice that of graphene, resulting in an 13000 multiplier in strength and durability. He also can use 2 very special forms of armor haki known as The colors of Destruction (red) and Restoration (Blue). The Red version is 100x stronger than standard black haki in terms of attack but cuts defense in half. It allows for Rei to manipulate his willpower energy and shape and mold it into attacks such as beams, balls, rapid fire energy bullets, whips, infuse his sword with it and use an Rankyuaku version infused with his willpower energy, it also allows to disintegrate anything at the atomic level except for haki as haki is made of willpower energy not atoms. Red haki does however severely weaken normal haki instead of disintegrates it. It looks rough and sandy in appearance. Blue haki is immune to the weakening process, except for if the red haki is more powerful. The Blue Version also is 100x stronger than black haki but only in terms of defense, and just as red haki cuts defense in half in exchange for heavy attack, the blue version cuts attack in half in exchange for heavy defense. It also lets Rei regenerate from anything as long as an single cell remains undamaged or destroyed, it looks gooey in appearance, instead of manipulation of haki willpower energy it lets Rei absorb haki, and life/willpower energies to add to his own, it can also heal other people too. It generates an dome of protection and generates an spirit guardian that represents the user, In Rei's case it is an Ashura with 2000 arms (1000 on the left side, 1000 on the right), each arm is as strong as Rei when he uses black haki, and can punch 100 times at once in an second, Ashura can also fuse all of it's arms into 2 super arms with the collective strength of all 1000 arms on the left and right sides individually, this haki also generates cold at -75^C, the rd version can generate heat at 50000^C. His Ken haki is incredible, capable of sensing someone who was trapped in Blueno's air door dimension. His version is strong enough to infiltrate minds and read them however the victim can resist and Rei must force his way into their mind by breaking on an mental dome around their mind. He is skilled enough to talk with animals and even hear the voice of objects, he once sensed an sniper from 1000 km away. His conquerors haki is so strong that people have experienced illusions from raw fear. He has even managed to intimate the spirit of the ocean itself, scaring it into letting him use his devil fruit powers even while submerged in it. He is also bionic, and can fire off eye beams that pierced through the planet (they re designed for piercing, not explosions), send electrical signals to his muscles to decouple his strength, his muscles also become 10 harder, almost like they have iron body on permanently in this state, he has scanner vision that can scan just about anything, like structural integrity, injuries, bodily functions, see through walls and other obstructions, the bionics further enhance Reis natural strength, he can also generate an plasma ball as that is 15 times less hot that the core of the sun, and shoot an omnidirectional blast wave when surrounded, he can also scan and control tech with the bionics.

But of all his strength, his martial art skill, his wide array of powers, his multiple super modes, his ridiculous speed that has warped into the air dimension through sheer speed, his intellect and creativity with his powers everything, above them all his greatest, and most powerful ability is his durability and endurance. His body has been subjected to ridiculously extreme conditions since he was an single cell, extreme heat ranging in the 6 digit heat range in Celsius, experienced cold -200 degrees Celsius, having been subjected to constant poisoning and cellular torture, constant pain for 11 straight years of his life nearly constantly, granting ridiculous durability and stamina, his body is so durable at this point that an meteorite 4000 km wide traveling at supersonic speeds ended up literally bouncing off off his body and miraculously avoiding impact with the earth.

When he was betrayed by his fathers Rei became enraged this caused his several powers to meltdown, and merged into one. In this state his sword wraps around him, his chakra, spirit energy, and haki fuse into one, in the forms of what looks like and humanoid menos grande with it's mask, the nose of said mask has 24 hollow holes on the left right diagonal left and right, and bottom and top of the nose, the mask has an look of fury on it with clenched treeth, an cracked mask, and wide open orange silted eyes and around 5 feet tall, emitting an jet black aura. It also has the neck frill of an clown that is white with 3 truth seeking balls on his chest that can generate 10 more truth seeking balls each, or emits spheres made of pure chakra/haki/spirit energy. The mask can generate 6 other masks 5 meters tall and 3 meters wide made out of red energy that track the opponent and explode on them. Or generate strings of pure energy for attacks, and fire off an beam made of pure energy, this unique beam makes the victim experience all the pain the have ever felt in their life be it physical, emotional, or spiritual at once in the length of 15 seconds. Rei can also change the shape of his black body, and generate anergy waves with his slashes. His strength is absurdly enhanced, destroying an Jupiter sized planet with an single slash. 2 of his ultimate attacks involve an energy sphere that lookms exactly like the Sun it is 500 km in diameter, and made from the chakra /spirit/haki energy mix, when launched and exploding it generates an explosion with an 5000 km wide radius and emits heat 10 times that of the core of the Sun in Celsius. This explosion obliterated 1 of the One Piece Earths largest moon and obliterated half of 2 more. This sphere has can also be condensed into Rei's sword . Rei turns his arm into his sword and absorbs the energy sphere into his sword and slashes the opponent while the sword is also infused with twilight energy. The super slash is so powerful it cut the Sun in half making an split 500 km wide.

Series: One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach.

Gender: Male

Equipment: His Black Blooded Blade, made of Black blooded steel which has 1000x the tensile strength of normal black steel, which in turn is 1000x the tensile strength of regular steel. Functions as Zanpakuto, Generates light and darkness, can shapehift being an black blooded blade. His black clothing is black for an reason: It is made of Carbyne, an super substance with an tensile strength of 260000 roughly 30.9 times more durable than solid steel which has an tensile strength of 841.

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