Hey guys, checking in on UCP update that happened overnight.

There are some things that will need a bit of time to transfer such as some message wall threads, notifications, and images.

Others have caching errors that can be fixed with null edits. Some features are also no longer supported by MediaWiki, the base engine software Fandom/Gamepedia runs on, so those features are no longer supported. MediaWiki also has a tighter lock on proper CSS/Javascript, so it is more strict. Not closing elements or improper syntax will no longer fly.

The big thing to check here, specifically, are SMW errors. Since wikis with Semantic MediaWiki where all batch transferred, these will be the the first reports of errors that Fandom can receive regarding SMW. I can report/ticket these errors directly, so please provide in a comment on this blog what errors are occurring, if they are bugs with reproduceable effects, link to the page, and images if possible.

SMW Work

Possible SMW Template fix:

  • Change format=text to format=plaintext

The Semantic List has been updated, but User:Ttomalak suggests that fixes implemented in this template should be added to the main template.

  • The error was caused by a legacy call of ? in {{{ }}} parameters, pointed out by this documentation.

Other Bugs

Feel free to report non-SMW bugs. I may be able to help fix them or let you know if the bug has been reported already.

A common fix for errors:

  • Perform a null-edit on the page (edit and save without making any changes)
  • Refresh the cache by pressing ctrl+F5

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