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Variable Geo (ヴァリアブル・ジオ), also known as V.G., is a Japanese 2D fighting eroge series developed and published by Giga for home computers. It was also developed and published by Technical Group Laboratory (TGL) for home game consoles. Two OVA series were adapted with the first by KSS on November 29, 1996; and the second entitled Variable Geo Neo by Milky Studios was released in 2004 to commemorate the game franchise's 10th anniversary.


Set in a near-future version of Japan, a martial arts tournament to determine the country's strongest woman was founded. The tournaments are sponsored by a number of family restaurants, who in exchange for their sponsorship, are given promotion in the form of having a tournament entry work as a waitress. As a result of the popularity of the tournaments, the restaurants experience a boom in patronage. The winner of the tournament is awarded the title "Virgin Goddess", as well as a large cash prize of ten billion yen, and a house erected anywhere on the planet they should choose. However, the defeated is force educated the so-called "true" meaning of humiliation, by public stripping. In spite of such humiliation, the tournaments often draw many competitors, each placing their pride and their dreams on the line as they battle for the top.

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