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Xam'd: Lost Memories
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Xam'd: Lost Memories (亡念のザムド, Bōnen no Zamudo), is an anime series, conceptualized by Bones and co-developed by Sony Computer Entertainment and Aniplex. It made its debut on Sony's inaugural launch of the PlayStation Network (PSN) video download service at E3 in the United States on July 16, 2008, followed by Japan on September 24, 2008. The series received its television premiere across several Japanese broadcast networks from April 2009., lasting a season of 26 episodes.


In the vast oceans of the Yuden Sea lies Sentan Island, a state of dreamlike tranquility separated from the war between the Northern Government and the Southern Continent Free Zone. Akiyuki Takehara lives on Sentan Island along with his mother Fusa. Despite his mother's strained relationship with his father, Ryuzo, the town doctor, the bond between father and son remains strong.

One day the island's tranquility is shattered, when Akiyuki, along with his best friends Haru and Furuichi, are caught up in a school bus explosion. The explosion produces a mysterious light which enters Akiyuki's arm. With no time to understand what has happened, Akiyuki is transformed into a creature called Xam'd and uses his newfound powers to fight off monstrous invading forces to save Haru. But he was stopped by a mysterious girl who offers him a choice: come with her and live, or stay and turn to stone. Accepting her offer, Akiyuki embarks on a journey of discovery that will take him to new lands, and help him understand the connection between himself and the world of Xam'd.

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