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YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of this World (この世の果てで恋を唄う少女YU-NO, Kono Yo no Hate de Koi o Utau Shōjo YU-NO) is a Japanese visual novel adventure video game developed and published by ELF Corporation. It was originally released in 1996 for the PC-98 before porting into non-censored versions in later platforms. The game has also been adapted into an original video animation, a manga and novels, and an anime series by Feel that premiered in April 2019. The TV anime series is licensed in North America by Funimation.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Takuya Arima is a young student whose father, a historian who has conducted various researches, disappeared recently. During one summer vacation, Takuya receives a peculiar package from his missing father, along with a letter containing information about the existence of various parallel worlds. At first, Takuya doesn't take it seriously, but soon he realizes that he possesses a device that allows him to travel to alternate dimensions. Is his father alive, after all? If so, where is he?

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