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Episodes[ | ]

Each episode was given both a Japanese title (shown at the beginning of the episode) and an English title (displayed after the mid-episode commercial break). Like the title Neon Genesis Evangelion, the English episode titles were created by Gainax, not the show's English-language dub producer, A.D. Vision.

  1. 使徒、襲来 Shito, shuurai; An Angel's Attack (ANGEL ATTACK)
  2. 見知らぬ、天井 Mishiranu, tenjou; An Unfamiliar Ceiling (THE BEAST)
  3. 鳴らない、電話 Naranai, denwa; The Unringing Telephone (A transfer)
  4. 雨、逃げ出した後 Ame, nigedashita ato; Rain After Running Away (Hedgehog's Dilemma)
  5. レイ、心のむこうに Rei, kokoro no mukou ni; Rei, Beyond the Heart (Rei I)
  6. 決戦、第3新東京市 Kessen, daisan shin Toukyou-shi; Face-Off in New Tokyo-3 (Rei II)
  7. 人の造りしもの Hito no tsukurishimono; A Human Creation (A HUMAN WORK)
  8. アスカ、来日 Asuka, rainichi; Asuka's Arrival in Japan (ASUKA STRIKES!)
  9. 瞬間、心、重ねて Shunkan, kokoro, kasanete; A Heart Once More in an Instant (Both of You, Dance Like You Want to Win!)
  10. マグマダイバー Magumadaibaa; Magma Diver (MAGMADIVER)
  11. 静止した闇の中で Seishishita yami no naka de; Within the Stagnant Shadow (The Day Tokyo-3 Stood Still)
  12. 奇跡の価値は Kiseki no kachi wa; Concerning the Worth of a Miracle (She said, "Don't make others suffer for your personal hatred.")
  13. 使徒、侵入 Shito, shin'nyuu; An Angel's Invasion (LILLIPUTIAN HITCHER)
  14. ゼーレ、魂の座 Zeere, tamashii no za; SEELE, the Throne of Souls (WEAVING A STORY)
  15. うそと沈黙 Uso to chinmoku; Lies and Silence (Those women longed for the touch of others' lips, and thus invited their kisses.)
  16. 死に至る病、そして Shi ni itaru yamai, soshite; A Deadly Disease, And... (Splitting of the Breast)
  17. 四人目の適格者 Yonin me no tekikakusha; The Fourth Candidate (FOURTH CHILDREN)
  18. 命の選択を Inochi no sentaku wo; The Choice of Life (AMBIVALENCE)
  19. 男の戦い Otoko no tatakai; A Man's Fight (INTROJECTION)
  20. こころのかたち、人のかたち Kokoro no katachi, hito no katachi; The Heart's Figure and the Human's Figure (WEAVING A STORY 2: oral stage)
  21. ネルフ、誕生 Nerufu, tanjou; The Birth of NERV (He was aware that he was still a child.)
  22. せめて、人間らしく Semete, ningen rashiku; At Least Appear Human (Don't Be.)
  23. Namida; Tears (Rei III)
  24. 最後のシ者 Saigo no shisha; The Final Messenger (The Beginning and the End, or "Knockin' on Heaven's Door")
  25. 終わる世界 Owaru sekai; A World That's Ending (Do you love me?)
  26. 世界の中心でアイを叫んけだもの Sekai no naka kokoro de ai wo sakebun kedamono; The Beast that Shouted Ai at the Heart of the World (Take care of yourself.)

In the title to episode 26, Ai is written in katakana in the title, so it's (probably intentionally) ambiguous as to whether it's meant to be a transliteration of the English word "I" or the Japanese word for "love".

Movies[ | ]

  • 1. Death and Rebirth
    • Death
    • Rebirth
  • 2. End of Evangelion
    • 25'. Air (Love is destructive.)
    • 26'. まごころを、君に Magokoro wo, kimi ni; A Pure Heart for You (I need you.)
  • 3. Revival of Evangelion
    • DEATH(TRUE)2
    • 25'. Air (Love is destructive.)
    • 26'. まごころを、君に Magokoro wo, kimi ni; A Pure Heart for You (I need you.)


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